Malibu Stories
Malibu Stories is a documentary web series. Each episode of the series profiles a single ‘Malibu Local’ from artists, musicians, architects to activists, Malibu is home to a diverse and colorful collection of creative characters all with one thing in common, a deep love and connection to the spiritual and special place they call home. When most people think of Malibu they think of home to the rich and famous and whilst in some way that is the case there is another side to Malibu that not many outsiders see, the real Malibu, ‘The Bu’. A truly unique place, steeped in history from the original Chumash settlers, magical and spiritual. Malibu inspires creativity and community.

Our purpose is to tell the story of Malibu through the real people that live here, their connection to the place they call home and how Malibu has impacted their own stories, from inspiring their creativity to literally saving their life.   Link to trailer